UV Tanning: The Benefits of Vitamin B

For many years there has been negative publicity towards the use of sunbeds and exposure to UV light. However, research has now proven that there are actually many health benefits from exposure to UVA and UVB so now you can have a guilt free tan all year round! It has been suggested by many cancer specialists such as Tim Oliver, a Medical Oncologist at Barts and London Hospital, that using sunbeds throughout the year will help to boost your body’s levels of vitamin D.

So you may be asking yourself what exactly is vitamin D? Why do we need it for our body? Well in fact it is vital for the body as it helps to build and sustain a healthy immune system, helps to keep teeth and bones strong, increases the metabolism of calcium and helps to fight off depression and cancer. All this and a glowing tan – result! You’ll definitely want to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up because if not it can lead to osteomalacia which is the weakening of the bones and can result in rheumatism and backache. No thank you!

Although it hasn’t been made clear what role vitamin D has towards this, it has been proven that countries with the most annual sunshine have the fewest cases of colon, prostate and breast cancer. In 2009 it was reported that people living in the UK are not getting enough natural sunlight which is effecting the overall body from a lack of Vitamin D. The UK is well known for its bad weather and especially through the winter months it is very hard for the body to be exposed to natural light, therefore it is often recommended to use sunbeds as an alternative in order to allow the whole body to be exposed. The length of time suggested to spend on a sunbed all depends on your skin type, those with darker skin may need up to 8 times more exposure compared to those who are fairer as the skin is a lot more resistant to UV rays.

Although sunbeds are a fantastic method for achieving a healthy, natural, looking tan it is essential that you avoid over exposing your skin to UV rays. Try spreading your sunbed uses out over a given amount of time, Here at Radiance London we will be able to determine your skin type and professionally assist you in choosing the right exposure time for a gorgeous healthy tan.

Happy tanning!

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