Fake Tanning: How To Avoid Patchy Hands & Feet

Looking for the secrets to get a flawless tan? The most troublesome areas of the body that gives away a fake tan are the hands and feet. While our doors are closed and you’re glowing from home, let us share some tips so you can tan your hands and feet like a pro.

Fake tanning the hands and feet are often the most challenging, especially when you haven’t had a lot of experience. When you experience a spray tan on our automated spray tan booth, the only parts of your hands and feet that tan, are the tops. The same goes when applying fake tan at home, avoid getting fake tan on the bottom half of your hands and feet. Tanning mitts are your go-to tool for home tanning. Not only do they help with the application, but they also help to blend and buff those difficult areas such as toes and knuckles.

Excess tanning lotion may build up on one side of the hands and around the ankles. Simply use a damp cloth to buff, blend and remove excess lotion for a gradual tan that develops to looksun-kissed and natural. Our tanning experts advise you to never add extra lotion when tanning the hands and feet, over-application can cause a dark and rusty finish that doesn’t match your arms or legs. Tanning the hands and feet should be your last application and try to just use the lotion remaining on the mitt for a natural finish.

We would love to see you all glowing from home, use the hashtag #tanningcovered to share your photos with us. If you have any other questions, then get in touch!

We can’t wait to see you soon x

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