A Sunbed Like No Other

Here at Radiance London we believe in providing our clients with only the latest UV technology and comfort for an ultimately luxurious experience. Since opening our doors in August we’ve kept striving to improve our clients experience even further. Our latest introduction is the brand new, top model, Prestige 1600. This unique sunbed is leading the tanning industry forward due to its improved hybrid performance and radiance LED. You may be asking yourself, what does this really mean for my tan and how is it different to any other sunbed? Well, the UV and red lights are proven to deliver a longer lasting and more attractive tan as well as providing simultaneous skin care. Let us tell you more…

Skin care and exceptional tanning performance

How great would it be if you could develop an attractive and natural looking tan whilst taking care of your skin? Fantastic news, this is no longer just a dream, choose to tan with Radiance London and we will make this possible whenever you desire. The newly-developed Radiance LEDs provide an intensifying tan whilst pampering your face and body resulting in a velvety smooth and visibly fresh complexion. Thanks to the red light spectrum being finely tuned to the biological reaction spectrum of our skin, the computerised geometry of the reflectors ensures an even illumination of the face and body. For those of you who may struggle to tan in the natural sun, the smartsun PLUS lamps will help to build up pigmentation over a couple of sessions; but don’t worry the UV lamps will have an immediate effect resulting in a deeper, richer and longer-lasting tan.

Desired tan face/body

As tanning experts, we understand that everyone has their own tanning desires and our incredible new sunbed will enable everyone to customise their tan, from a gentle glow to intense colouring at just the touch of a button. The skin on your face is extremely delicate and we recommend treating your face separately when it comes to tanning. The Prestige 1600 has provided the perfect solution with built in facial tanners that enable you to experience a UV-free facial tanning session if desired and the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the facial tanners as well, it couldn’t be easier!

Goodbye sunbed smell

It is also seeming that the Prestige 1600 has done the impossible. That’s right, you can now say goodbye to that post sunbed smell. Simply turn on the aroma programme and be greeted by a pleasant refreshment. By selecting the aroma programme whilst tanning you will be treated to a subtle fragrance which will circulate around you and the tanning room. You will also have the opportunity to control the temperature whilst tanning by using the incredible Climatronic function.

So sit back and enjoy a tanning session like no other, we guarantee you will develop a tan that will make everyone envious!

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