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Tan & Glory

Tan & Glory



Moisturising bronzer for dry skin.

It is best to apply the lotion right before tanning. The most spectacular results are visible after 2-3 tanning sessions.

Tan & Glory is a delicate bronzer for people who value a discreet and natural tan.
The balm is instantly absorbed and intensely moisturizes the skin, covering it with a subtle brown.
The biscuit color of the cream adapts to any skin tone.

Effect after application:

Tanning and hydration in one? Tan & Glory is an easy way to tackle dry skin. It will make your skin comfortable and soft.
The bronzer gives you a natural tan. Its colour becomes darker gradually, with each session, to finally turn golden brown.

Very high content of moisturising substances, including honey.

Royal Honey gives elasticity, smoothes and nourishes.

HydroBalance Formula a mixture of highly moisturising ingredients. It is based on panthenol (provitamin B5), glycerine and emollients. Golden Collection series is additionally enriched with fruit and herb extracts.

Other ingredients:

Biotanning Formula

a special combination of natural colorants and sweet orange extract (Hydrolized Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit) facilitating the production of melanin in skin, which provides a fast and long-lasting effect.

Delayed Bronzers Formula

Blueberry extract

Shea, cocoa and Cupuacu butter


Seaweed extract

MultiOil Formula

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