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Ruby Red Tingle

Ruby Red Tingle

250 Milliliters

Extremely Hot White Tingle

Ruby Red is a tan accelerator with a strong tingle effect. It warms up your body intensely and allows you to tan even the most stubborn areas. The cosmetic is recommended for advanced solarium users who are hungry for extreme experiences.

Is best to apply the lotion a few minutes before tanning. It will cause skin redness which should go down after about an hour.

A triple dose of ingredients that will warm you up to the max.

Fire Tulip extract

restores skin elasticity, has an antioxidant effect.

Black Pepper Oil + Hot Pepper extract

have a cleansing effect, warm up the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation.

Other ingredients:

Kava Kava extract

Ginseng and Lotus Flower extracts

Biotanning Formula

Aloe Vera Leaf extract


Royal Honey

gives elasticity, smoothes and nourishes.

Seaweed extract

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