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250 Milliliters


It is best to apply the lotion right before tanning. A radiant tan will be visible as soon as the session is over.

Effect after application:

Jubilee gives you an opportunity to immerse your body in a waterfall of golden glow.
Tiny mica particles energize matt and lacklustre skin, giving it a seductive glow.

Jubilee is a brightening bronzer for those who wish to make their tan luminous. The cosmetic guarantees an alluring and charming golden tan. It does not stain clothes. The lotion intensely moisturises the skin and leaves an aromatic scent full of floral notes.

A mysterious combination of exotic oils and particles of mineral mica.

MultiOil Formula

carefully selected natural oils, whose aim is to take care of your skin, moisturise it deeply and restore healthy glow to it.

Biotanning Formula

a special combination of natural colorants and sweet orange extract (Hydrolized Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit) facilitating the production of melanin in skin, which provides a fast and long-lasting effect.

Other ingredients:

Vitamin E

helps regenerate the skin, intensively moisturises, restores elasticity.

Delayed Bronzers Formula

HydroBalance Formula

SkinFirming Formula


TattooSaver Formula

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