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American Glamour

American Glamour

250 Milliliters

Advanced Black Bronzer

Strong bronzer for medium-dark and dark skin.

It is best to apply the lotion a few minutes before tanning. The best effect will be visible about 4-8 hours after the tanning session.

Effect after application:

Some people get their tan instantly, others need some more time. It all depends on your skin type.
Thanks to American Glamour, even the most “stubborn” skin tone will finally give in to the seductive power of tanning rays and all of your skin will get a deep brown colour.

American Glamour is perfect for people with a darker skin tone. The lotion is absorbed quickly and evenly covers your body with a noticeable tan. This cosmetic eliminates so-called “after tan odor”, does not stain clothes and protects tattoos.

A mix of the darkest instant and gradual bronzers.

Biotanning Formula

responsible for melanogenesis activation in the skin.

Delayed Bronzers Formula

a special combination of natural colorants and sweet orange extract facilitating the production of melanin in skin, which provides a fast and long-lasting effect.

Other ingredients:

Walnut shell extract

gives the skin a golden brown tan shade.

Manoi de Tahiti Extract


HydroBalance Formula

SkinFirming Formula

MultiOil Formula

TattooSaver Formula

Immediate Bronzers Formula

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