Peau D'Or Satin Noir

Peau D'Or Satin Noir


Photographers call it ‘the magic hour’; the hour before sunset when the soft light makes you look perfect. Giving you that ‘magic glow’ all day was what we envisioned making this product. We finally succeeded after we added the Satin-Pur™ complex, a blend of exquisite silicones, that will make your skin look and feel incredibly soft and pure.


Product Type: Tanning Lotion

A tanning lotion is the term for a lotion that is specifically designed for use in combination with UV tanning, to hydrate the skin and to accelerate the tanning process. These lotions contain no protection factor and do not prevent sunburn.


Carats: 18

The Carat system of Peau d’Or® descibes the overall potency of the product. The higher the number of carats, the more powerful the product. This means, more active bronzers and skin care ingredients. Also the dose of these ingredients are higher in products with a higher number of carats.