Winter Fighting Beauty Tips

We are definitely feeling the cold winter snap and with predictions that there is still more to come, it’s never been a better time to update your beauty routine. When we think of winter, we think of cuddling up under a duvet with a hot cup of cocoa, but unfortunately, we still have to venture out and attempt the horrific rush hour commute to work. These harsh conditions can play havoc on our skin but you can now fight back with our winter beauty tips.


During the cold months our hands face a rough time. The skin on our hands is a lot thinner compared to the rest of our body and dries out quicker causing cracking. Protect them from the cold by wearing gloves and moisturising daily to help lock in extra moisture for longer. We love L’Occitane’s Shea Rose Heart hand cream bursting with highly concentrated shea butter. This will be your winter life saver, helping to nourish and soften your hands throughout the winter period.


Jumping into a scorching hot bath after a long day in the cold may be tempting but your skin won’t love you any more for it. Putting your skin through bitterly cold temperatures and then bathing in hot water can result in the body’s natural oil layer (that protects your skin) to break and dry out. This can cause it to become dry, flaky and rough, not quite the look we want to go for! So run a lukewarm bath and for skin which is feeling extra dry add nourishing bath salts to help relieve and sooth. We love Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatments, for irritated and itchy skin. This formula turns into a soothing milk which works as a natural cleanser and overall skin protector due to its active Oatmeal ingredient which will revive our skins moisture barrier.


We all dream of a glowing complexion and winter can really play havoc on our entire body and stop us from achieving this. During the winter months it’s easy to forget to exfoliate and why should we, we are covered up most the time. By not removing the dead skin cells it will trigger a build-up of them and collect water which will result in skin irritation. There is a very fine line between overdoing this, it can actually have a negative impact and result in red, blotchy and irritated skin, not quite the look we want to go with! Resist over exfoliating and keep it to a maximum of twice a week. Try Molton Brown’s Ylang Body Polish, with natural black vanilla grains, it will gently buff away old skin and reveal a smoother and fresher complexion.


During the day your body loses moisture. It is essential that we continue to replace this moisture and the best way to do this is through applying a thick, rich, hydrating moisturiser. Applying this at night and allowing it to work as you sleep will give your skin the best chance to absorb and work throughout the night. This will provide your body with a protective barrier throughout the day. Clarins Moisture Rich body lotion is a winter essential. A thick and buttery formula which tackles dry patches and reduces flakiness, so you will be guaranteed soft and hydrated skin all day long.

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