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analitico del 6 nivelesSolid Fuel Mix Go to page Member Hi all, I am currently operating a solid fuel furnace with a cyclone system for primary air delivery and using a Coleman D4T valve for secondary. The furnace is burning 50/50 combination of #2 and #4. I have read the manual and searched the forum and it appears that my current system should work. I can verify that the system is not too full by running the furnace without any air flow. My question is that when I open the primary air and allow it to vent through the cyclone, will I need to add air to keep the furnace burning or will the cyclone do its job? I am not sure I am asking this correctly. When I run the furnace I can hear the cyclone spinning but it is not adding any air. If I need to add air to keep the furnace going, would the cyclone be ok to run that long with no air being added? If I am not adding air to the furnace by using the cyclone, is there a way to measure the efficiency of the cyclone system? Don't think this is the correct forum for this question. But you might get some help in the upcoming winter. Senior Member Answering this question is tough to do because it depends on how your furnace is sized for the size of furnace. The furnace size will determine the equipment to use with the furnace. If it is small, the rating is based on the furnace size. If it is big, the rating is based on the furnace size. Where are you? This furnace is going to need additional equipment to meet your home's comfort and safety needs. Junior Member The unit has a rating of 30,000 BTU. I don't think that would be enough for my home but I will have to use the chimney and a damper system to keep the house warm. The furnace will be placed in the attic. 1. Check with your gas company for winterizing procedures. Many local companies have programs that will provide education and training for their customers. 2. If the furnace is in the attic, it will require a chimney. Install at least a 1/2" flue pipe. Make sure it fits snug. 3. Once the air is blown through the chimney, you can use a damper system to control the furnace. For smaller houses, consider a




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Calculo Larson 9 Edicion Solucionario

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