Looking For The Perfect Spray Tan?


Theres nothing we want more than for you to be leaving our salon with the richest and longest lasting spray tan that you have ever had. That’s why we have been searching high and low for only the best solutions and we are proud to introduce to you the Xen-Tan 30-minute Ultra Mist.

We want to share with you why we love this solution so much and why we think you will too. You will see an instant rich, deep, golden colour in just 30 minutes due to the combination of Optimum Complex-30, a new formulation in DHA and a unique time release ingredient. These three elements will develop your tan naturally by activating your body’s melanin to create a tan that perfectly matches your skin tone and will last up to 10 days. If you desire a deeper and richer tan you can leave it on for 3 hours or longer. Amazing!

The solution is also rich with Argan Oil to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth and once your colour does begin to fade it will do so evenly and naturally. The use of Argan Oil helps the Ultra Mist to dry quickly as well so you can get dressed within minutes after your session!

Mist Ultra is perfect for you if you desire a flawless tan within a time frame! If you’re tired of sitting around or sleeping in self-tan then we have the new generation of tanning available to you here at Radiance London.

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